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Organizations can reach all of our "Patrons"
and people who search the internet
for all kinds of services
Let the A.J.C. help you find new customers
all over the United States
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Jazz Concerts are great Fund Raisers
Sponsor a Jazz group for your
organization today.

Musicians on the 'Artist Review' page
are available for fund raisers and
Concert dates.

160X600 - Summer Savings

The Atlantic Jazz Consortium is seeking people with skills that would help further our cause of promoting all aspects of the
Jazz medium.

We welcome all those who are interested
in promoting the music we all love.

There are many avenues to assist the A.J.C. You may have the skills to help our organization, or you may know someone who has a variety of knowledge involving the music of 'Jazz'
Contact us by clicking the 'link' below.
We hope to hear from you, soon....


Jazz friends, by popular demand, the Atlantic Jazz Consortium T-Shirts
are our most sought after items for gifts and awards,
fully appreciated by those who receive them
These particular Iconic Jazz T-Shirts have become our best sellers

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