Mission Statement

The Atlantic Jazz Consortium is a non-profit organization created to foster the
artform called "Jazz" by enhancing its exposure within the community;
inspiring artist development and educational outlets such as Workshops and
Clinics; supporting other art forms related to its subject matter, such as Fine Arts
and Crafts; providing other venues for the benefit and experience of its' artists,
educators, enthusiasts, patrons and the overall community.



An agreement, combination, or group, as of
enthusiasts, formed to undertake an 'enterprise'
beyond the resources of any one person
An Association, a Society

160X600 - Summer Savings







History of the A.J.C.
The Atlantic Jazz Consortium was launched in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 2004.
We started with the simple dream of enjoying Jazz  music with others in a comfortable setting and having them experience what its like to feel  the atmosphere of pure entertainment.
The Atlanta metro area is rich in History and 'Cultural Diversity',  as is the legacy of Jazz music.
Our own experiences with this music, compelled the organization to find avenues to promote the artform within the community.
The Atlanta area is a strong advocate of the arts and our efforts to enhance the exposure of Jazz fits very well with our task of giving everyone the opportunity to not only hear the music, but take part in helping the A.J.C. fulfill its mission.
Executive Director
S. Bayette Allen


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