The Voice of Sean Jones

Sean Jones is a Trumpet and Flugelhorn player that
I first heard on a concert date in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2002.
Sean was performing with a fantastic drummer,
James Gaiters and his group at the Swifton Commons Mall.
Listening to his Trumpet playing, one could not miss
the tone of the notes that  he projected to the audience.
Marc Fields, a very nice Trombone player, remarked,
"man, I couldn't  imagined hearing a young Freddie Hubbard sound any better, yet there he was."

Cecil McBee-Bassist, Eddie Marshall-Drums
Abraham Burton-Saxes, Conrad Herwig-T'Bone
Terance Blanchard-Trumpet, Ed Simon-pianist
Eddie Bayard-Saxes, Branford Marsalis-Saxes
Shirley Horn-Pianist, Alice Coltrane-Harpist
Diane Reeves-Vocalist, Diana Krall-Pianist
Nancy Wilson-Vocalist, Patrise Rushen-Pianist
Phyllis Hyman-Vocalist,Cindy Blackman-Drums
Sean Jones-Trumpet, James Gaiters-Drums 
Marc Lomax II-Drums,  Dean Hulett-Bassist
Chris Clark-Trumpet,  Erwin Stuckey-Pianist
Jason Curry-Saxes,  Steven Jones-Pianist
Bill Jackson-Bassist, Tim Lincoln-Bassist
JeremyPelt-Trumpet, MarcFields-T'Bone
Javon Jackson-Saxes, Carl Allen-Drums

 'Atlanta vicinity Jazz Venues'

 FINA Italian Bistro
A high quality Italian restaurant that features
'Jazz music' on Wednesday & Thursday nights.
When I first entered the Fina restaurant,
I knew it was the place to be, because the
 place was full of people enjoying a variety of
Italian entres, and the food must have been
very good, because as I looked over
the restaurant, it seemed everyone was
busy enjoying their meal.
An added treat was the Jazz music,
performed by a duo of musicians,
Larmar Cannon played the electric guitar,
Lauran Hunt played on 5 string electric bass 
giving the audience, the Classical flavor of
'Jazz'. The Duo performed Jazz standards
with all the essential nuances associated
within the music of this genre.
The Jazz music displayed was just the right
touch for the patrons of this venue.
A great way to enjoy food and wine, indeed.







     Atlantic Jazz Consortium
     Artist Review

           Expand your  musical mind today!
           Check out these Artist work in the field of  Jazz

       Charles Wilson-Pianist,  King Reeves-Vibes
         Aurell Ray-Guitarist,  Bobby Broom-Guitarist
         Charles LLoyd-Saxes, Wayne Shorter-Saxes
         Herbie Hancock-Pianist, Chet Baker-Trumpet
         Mulgrew Miller-Pianist, Joe Chambers-Drums
         Art Gore-Drums,  Jim Anderson-Bassist
         Bobby Scott-Drums,  Marc Fields-Trombone
         Khalid Moss-Pianist,  Jon Blake-Violinist
         John Coltrane-Saxes, Elvin Jones-Drums
         Miles Davis-Trumpet,  Frank Foster-Saxes
         Joe Henderson-Saxes,  Keith Jarrett-Pianist
         Bill Evans-Pianist, Michael Brecker-Saxes
         McCoy Tyner-Pianist, Roy Haynes-Drums
         John Hicks-Pianist, Jimmy Vass-Bassist
         Ralph Penland-Drums, Melvin Broach-Drums
         Lee Morgan-Trumpet, Bobby Hutcherson-Vibes
         Steve Wilson-Saxes,  Jae Sinnett-Drums
         Allan Farnham-Pianist, John Toomey-Pianist
         Gerri Allen-Pianist,  Eric Reed-Pianist

        Eric Reed has a tonally distinctive piano style that is both daring and innovative.  You pick this up, very early on just about any tune that he plays.  My introduction to his artistry was experienced through a 'thuroughly entertaining' evening at the "Greenwich Tavern" in Cincinnati, Ohio, 2003.
The featured artist that night was, the great "Joe Chambers."
A simply unbelievable drummer, in a trio format of the band.
There was only about 25 people in the house, but musicians that are as accomplished as Joe Chambers and Eric Reed, don't lessen their effort, because of the stage or crowd.
We were absolutely floored by tunes like, "Poinsetta" and "Round Midnight."
Joe really set the pace on these pieces, but Eric expressed the piano in a way that was 'exciting' and had the audience moving in their seats with vocal praise throughout these tunes. Eric started 'Round Midnight' in a solid ballad mode, that truly revealed his spiritual upbringing at an early age, then they began to explore this time honored classic in a very personal way in which everyone could tell by the sounds we heard and the body movements of the musicians.
Eric's quartet featured here, really hit home with me because of my friend, Stacy Dillard.  I heard this cat grow over the years and I bet he's still taking those introspective  solos, like he always did.
People should hear Stacy play, "Mayden Voyage", he never does it the same, which is a treat for the listener.
The 'Quartet', "Willie Jones III-Drums, "Gerald Cannon-Bassist,
Stacy Dillard-Tenor, Soprano Sax, and Eric, piano.
They may be playing on the East coast now, check the website: 

S. Bayette Allen


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