Up & Coming Portfolio

'Stacy Dillard'
With a Sound you need to HEAR

Stacy Dillard is a Saxophonist in which if given
a listen,
will garnish your musical appetite.
He doesn't play the routine Jazz licks that
seems to be so
prevalent among the
young Jazz Saxphonist of today.
The element of originality is always close when he performs and sometimes his style of play
will hit you
right in your ear and there's a very good chance that you
will be glad that this daring voice of the Saxophone came across
your path.

The Atlantic Jazz Consortium is proud to introduce:  http://www.stacydillard.com/

The latest from 'Brent Gallaher',

Vanessa's Song

A Tenor Sax voice that creates a tone that reminds  Jazz listeners of why we love the genre so much.
Brent has a inside'out sound that displays his introspective approach.
The musicians accompaning him on the CD are just 'top flight'.
You'll surely enjoy this one!

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