Jazz music is an artform that beckons all people to experience the spiritual element involved in seeing or hearing musicians perform the craft that they love. Explore this web site to learn more about our efforts to bring Jazz music to our communities in the Atlanta Metro area and vincinity. Using this site you can stay updated on the local Jazz scene and the Jazz world at large.  We plan to create the venues neccessary to enjoy this timely music that many great people have left for us to have and to hold in our heart. We ask that you join us and take part in the 'soundtrack' of America, in which we truely believe, testifies as to what Jazz music is really all about.
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 For Jazz Lovers, Enthusiasts, and Novices

This web site was created for the enjoyment of Jazz lovers but also for those who want to become more acquainted with the American artform called 'Jazz'.

'Jazz performances' along with Outreach Services and Educational projects will be the avenues by which we promote Jazz music within the Atlanta area community. We have a close relationship with some the most innovative Jazz musicians on the Jazz scene today, which bodes well for 'Patrons.'
Along with the lifeblood of continuing the Jazz legacy, many young and up&coming Jazz people, with the desire to fully hone their musicianship.
Check out the pages of this website to learn more about how to help the A.J.C. further our cause.
Jazz Music history
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  Cohesion Jazz Ensemble
Charles Wilson Quartet
Ralph Penland Polygon
Brent Gallaher Quartet
Eric Reed Quartet
Sean Jones
Stacy Dillard Quartet
Bones & Bunns
SoundScapes Trio
Phil Degreg
Mario Abney Quintet
Jae Sinnett Trio
John Toomey Quartet

Check out the pages of this website to learn more
Consider joining us by becoming a "Patron" to the A.J.C. find out how on the 'About Us' page.
We invite all people who love the arts to select the venue of 'Jazz' for entertainment and relaxation, we are confident that you will agree that it is an endeavor worth while. We appeal for you to visit us regularly and donate your skills or wherewithall to help us maintain our mission of bringing this great music to the Atlanta area and beyond. Our commitment to you is unwavering. Be sure to tell everyone about the A.J.C. and our approach to business, we value your input so drop us a line, take care.
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